Recorder Forms and Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Birth & Death Form Certified Copy  8/16/201749.02 KBDownload
Birth & Death Form Info Only  8/16/201745.15 KBDownload
Corrective Affidavit effective 1/1/2017  8/16/201730.97 KBDownload
Marriage Form Certified Copy  8/16/201748.97 KBDownload
Marriage Form Info Only  8/16/201744.53 KBDownload
Preliminary Change of Ownership  12/29/2017917.07 KBDownload
Recorder Cover Page  12/8/201729.61 KBDownload
Recorder Cover Page-SB2 Exemptions CR Admin 1/3/201848.96 KBDownload
Recording Definitions Pamphlet  8/16/2017108.89 KBDownload
Recording Requirements Pamphlet  1/9/2018158.93 KBDownload
Wildfire Sworn Statement  8/16/201730.50 KBDownload

Recorder Memos

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
SB2 Housing MemoCR Admin 1/31/2018225.04 KBDownload
Re-Recording MemoCR Admin 1/31/2018127.73 KBDownload
Holiday Hours-2018CR Admin 1/31/201895.93 KBDownload
Indexing Change CR Admin 1/31/201865.30 KBDownload
Notary Changes-2015 RequirementsCR Admin 1/31/201872.77 KBDownload
Fee IncreaseCR Admin 1/31/201838.34 KBDownload
New Fees & Fee Increases Effective November 1, 2017CR Admin 1/31/201847.00 KBDownload
Recording Fee ReductionCR Admin 2/15/201933.26 KBDownload