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Restrictive Covenant Modification

Pursuant to Government Code 12956.2, the below document entitled Restrictive Covenant Modification is available to the public and shall be allowed to be reviewed and recorded to strike out blatant racial or other unlawful restrictive covenants from a previously recorded document after local County Counsel determines such language violates fair housing laws and is void.

This document requires the following:

1. Name(s) of current owner(s)
2. Identification of document page number and language in violation
3. Recording reference of document with unlawful restrictive covenant
4. Copy of referenced document attached complete with unlawful restrictive language stricken out
5. Signature(s) of owner(s)
6. Signature(s) acknowledged
7. Approval by County Counsel provided to County Recorder

The current owner of the affected property may submit the completed Modification to the County Recorder for review and approval. Upon approval by County Counsel, the Modification may be recorded at no fee. The Modification will be indexed in the same manner as the original document being modified.

Recordable Blank Documents

The Recorder Clerk does not provide blank documents for recording, please visit for recording forms.

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